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Choosing the right chiropractor is an important choice to make. Dr. Barry Stranack is a qualified chiropractor with 30 years experience.

Conditions We Treat

We’re trained to handle various conditions such as:

Lower back pain • Leg pain • Hip pain • Arm pain • Upper back pain and more….

Treatment Techniques

We deliver the following techniques at our centre:

Manual adjustments • Traction • Interferential • Ultrasound and more….

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What to expect on your first visit

You will firstly be required to fill out your personal details at reception.  

Thereafter, Dr Barry will complete a case history with you, followed by a thorough physical and neurological examination.

X-Rays will be examined if you are in possession of them.  A diagnosis is then made, and an explanation of what your treatment will entail, including the benefits and risks.  If you are happy with the explanation and are prepared to undergo treatment, then you will complete a “Permission for Treatment” form.  However, if you need referral to a medical practitioner, you will be advised



I had been suffering from headaches for three years and consulted with several professionals all of whom did not know what was causing them.  I had heard of Dr Barry’s reputation and consulted him. He gave me a thorough examination and informed me that my headaches were coming from the top of my neck.  He was able to reproduce my headache by applying pressure on my neck to confirm the diagnosis. I had four treatments with him and was given some valuable advice about my posture at work and a couple of neck exercises that take about a minute to do, and now I am free of headaches.  I can highly recommend him.

Julie P


I am a runner and canoeist and recently started getting severe pains whenever I ran, near my calf muscles, which became so bad that I couldn’t run further than about two kilometres.  I was scheduled to participate in the Duzi which requires portaging with the canoe but realized that there was no way I could get fit enough to participate. I had heard of the ‘guru’ Barry and went along to see him.  It didn’t take him long to diagnose me with posterior compartment syndrome and referred me to an orthopaedic doctor who gave me a small operation and I was able to run pain free thereafter. Thanks to him I was able to complete the Duzi canoe marathon.  He’s a maestro.

Vic C

I had back pain for some years and nobody seemed to be able to help.  As a runner I felt that my low back pain was made worse whenever I ran, especially during cross country runs.  I was away on holiday and heard about Dr Stranack’s professionalism so I decided to give him a try. I was given a thorough physical examination and he checked some of my nerves.  He diagnosed that my lower back pain was caused by my right leg being two centimetres shorter than my left which had a bad effect on the biomechanics of my lower back. He gave me a heel lift and some core exercises and although I still have low back pain it is significantly less now.  I wish I had seen him years earlier.


Cape Town

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